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Website Design and Website Re-Design

​Choosing the right Web design is about both form and function. Sure, it needs to look nice, but more importantly, by featuring the information your customers are looking for, you'll increase their engagement, drive more traffic and ultimately, strengthen your online presence.  In this age of web based business, survival of a business without a website to portray your image and your credibility is a rare possibility or a miraculous favor of luck. It is your website that stands as an icon of your corporate identity. If you are on the look out for a professional web development service; you have reached the right place! We can provide your business the priority it should get in the internet world.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Updated content is key to customer retention and search engine ranking. We are here to help keep your website content updated, and we take pride in our fast turnaround time.

Your website is your most important advertising tool, and you need a company that can respond to your requess promptly - during business hours. We are here to help your website succeed! Most small website updates and changes are made within 24 hours (1 business day) of your request - in fact, we are usually able to complete most small updates within a few hours of your request.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

Once your website is complete, Affordable Websites Ithaca will conduct an analysis of your entire online presence to see where we can help make improvements. We will work with you to pick targeted keywords and key phrases to help you generate web content and improve your social media and online accounts.

Internet Marketing

A strategic key word marketing campaign and search engine sponsorships will greatly increase your site traffic and even help your search engine ranking results. Like every other marketing effort, however, it needs to be done carefully and tracked down to the click-through. The 'ads' have to be creative, relevant, and most importantly show an ROI for your business. Unlike most other forms of advertising, we can GUARANTEE that for every dollar spent you will have a visitor. 

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